35% of our clients are new immigrants to Canada that come on a permanent resident basis. We are associated with immigration lawyers that will help cater to your needs
Lending regulations become increasingly strict, private mortgage financing is emerging as a significant source of mortgage funding.
Payroll service is another item we offer at the firm, depending on the number of employees you have & the amount you are paying them, we can remit the payroll for you on your behalf.
Current Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) expenses may be eligible for a 35% refund from the Canada Revenue Agency
Clients often seek our advice when facing CRA audit enquiries, as botched responses can pose significant problems later on.
Our tax advisors can work with you and your family to plan an effective transition of your business and wealth.
Our U.S. specialist provides professional advice on U.S. federal, state and local taxes for businesses and individuals.
At Paul Gupta & Associates we incorporate companies ranging from: Numbered Corporations, Named Corporations, Medical Professional Corporations.
When it comes to your income tax, you want someone with a knowledge based background in the field that has experienced thousands of different kinds of tax returns.
A corporate return is always more sophisticated than a personal return, mainly because of all the other key aspects that flow along with running a successful business.
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