Corporate Accountant in Oakville

Paul Gupta & Associates

If you are looking for a dedicated accounting company in Oakville, you need the services of Paul Gupta and Associates. As an accounting company with experience in corporate and personal accounting, we are equipped to handle all of your accounting needs.

35% of our clients are new immigrants to Canada that come on a permanent resident basis. We are associated with immigration lawyers that will help cater to your needs
Lending regulations become increasingly strict, private mortgage financing is emerging as a significant source of mortgage funding.
Payroll service is another item we offer at the firm, depending on the number of employees you have & the amount you are paying them, we can remit the payroll for you on your behalf.


Is your company struggling to keep up with its accounting needs? Do you feel like you have too much on your plate to set aside the time and energy it requires to sufficiently handle your company’s accounting? You might benefit from employing the services of an experienced and professional corporate accountant in Oakville!

Personal Taxes (T1)
Corporate Taxes (T2)
Trust Accounts (T3)
The Gupta Advantage


As a preferred corporate accountant in Oakville, we want to help you and your business with the tax complexities that can cause unnecessary stress and take time away from the other important tasks associated with your business.

Tax Experts

Whether you are looking to be incorporated, need assistance with your personal or corporate tax return, or require advice on handling a pesky trust account, we can provide the services that you need.

Trust Accounts

We understand the intricacies associated with transferring business and wealth within a family or from family to a third party. Our experienced and professional advisers can help you plan for an effective transition.


In the Oakville area, we have experience incorporating many different types of companies. We are skilled and capable when it comes to numbered or named corporations, medical professional corporations, such as doctors and surgeons.

Trusted Advice

Ask our thousands of clients. We are highly trusted, valued and continue to work diligently to assist all of our clients in various areas. We have been here for years and will continue to serve the area for years to come.